Location of Exhibit Boards

WWOA Exhibit Board Locations
Current as of August 2019. Contact the person listed if you would like to use one of the exhibit boards. Locations will be included yearly in the Annual Chapter Narrative Report.

Chapter Poster

Created to help promote your chapter in the public, fill in your chapter’s information and post in public places like Natural Resources Offices, hardware stores, or any other place you think woodland owners would visit.

Chapter Member Application Forms/Brochures

Bad Axe Chapter – Any State WWOA member living within, or having woodlands in the Bad Axe Chapter area, is automatically a member of the Bad Axe Chapter.

Black Hawk Member Application

Central Sands Chapter Member Application

Chippewa Valley Chapter Membership Brochure 2024

NEWFO Member Application

North Central Chapter Membership Application

Northwest Chapter Member Application

Phoenix Falls New Member Application 2019 No activities listed

West Central Membership Application 2019

Wolf River Chapter Brochure 2020


Chapter Officer Position Descriptions

A link to the Chapter Position Descriptions is HERE. Position descriptions are a guide to help you with your service, not a strict list of tasks. You may find that you may do more or less for your chapter than what is listed in the position description. You could provide these to someone that is interested in becoming a chapter office but is not quite sure what would be involved with it.

Other Helpful Resources

Guidelines for Chapter Reports in Wisconsin Woodlands
Articles on Recruiting Volunteers

Engaging Younger Audiences: Tips from a Gen Z
How to Attract Young People to Your Nonprofit
3 Ways to Recruit Volunteers for Your Non-Profit
5 Ways to Recruit More Volunteers for Your Non-Profit

Resources on Planning Events/Activities

A Nonprofit’s Guide to Event Planning: 4 Essential Steps
The Fundraising Event Planning Checklist
The 10 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Event

Running Effective Chapter Meetings

This document has tips for Running Effective Chapter Meetings, Top 5 Rules of a Good Meeting, and Setting the Agenda explanation.

Sample Documents

Example Chapter Membership Application
The office highly encourages chapters to adapt this format of Membership Application to make sure that all important details are delivered to prospective members.

Example Chapter Member Brochure Application
Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer.wwoa@gmail.com or 715-346-4798 if you are interested in redesigning your membership brochure!

Meeting Agenda Template

Sample Press Release

Chapter Officer FAQ

Who sets the Chapter’s coverage area?
WWOA Board of Directors

How can we change our Chapter’s Bylaws?
Check your Chapter’s current Bylaws to see the correct process you must follow. After you have gone through that process, proposed changes must be submitted to the WWOA Board and approved by them.

Who sets and can change the fee for Chapter members?
The Chapter Boards

How can I check if a prospective Chapter member is a State WWOA member?
You can call or email the WWOA Office at any time and the information will be provided.
Also, quarterly reports of new state members are submitted to Chapter Chairs and if your chapter has submitted a membership brochure to the WWOA Office, your brochure is included with new member packets to individuals joining in your chapter’s area. 

*It is highly encouraged to follow-up with the new State WWOA members from the Quarterly list and invite them to join your Chapter.

Do you have to notify the WWOA Office after Chapter Elections?
YES! The office needs to be updated of any Chapter Officer change. They also need full contact information for all Chapter Officers.

A message (email or mailing) was sent to all Chapter members about upcoming Chapter events, do you need to send the WWOA Office a copy?
YES! State WWOA needs to be informed of ALL Chapter meetings/events/conference/field days/etc.  to assure that the event is “Official” and covered by insurance.