Our Volunteers

“This association is not something you belong to- it is you! This is our association and it will succeed or fail in direct proportion to the effort and enthusiasm that we, the association members, are willing to put forth.” Ernie Brickner, WWOA’s first President

We Share Our Passion

Our common interest is our woodlands. We have a strong commitment to sustainable forestry and we encourage other woodland owners to have the same commitment. We develop public appreciation for the value of our woodlands in the economy and overall welfare of Wisconsin.


We Effect Positive Change

Our purpose is to encourage sustainable forest management on Wisconsin’s private woodlands. Our mission is to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty and utility of the woodlands. Our volunteer efforts make this happen.

We Appreciate WWOA

Our lives and woods are positively influenced by WWOA and we seek to return the favor. WWOA members and events were vital for increasing our knowledge and understanding of growing healthy
woods, now it is our turn to help our neighbors and fellow woodland owners.

We Have Fun & Learn

Our service is not dull and boring because we make it cheerful and exciting! We take advantage of the time spent pursuing common goals to enjoy each others company, laugh, joke, and smile. We remain open minded, honest, caring, and welcoming to all. We learn new skills and express our values in meaningful activities.

We Strengthen Relationships

Our family bonds are strengthened as a result of our woodland labors of love and we bring that influence to our volunteer efforts with WWOA. We volunteer with our friends and family to bring us closer together and to be around people who inspire us.