2025-30 Strategic Planning

The WWOA Board of Directors has started the process of creating WWOA’s 2025-30 Strategic Plan to help shape the future of our organization.  The Strategic Planning Committee, composed of President Don Hoffman, Vice President Ken Kempfert, and Director Ralph Heiser, and Nancy Bozek, has taken the lead in the first step of this process — creating the 2023 WWOA Membership Survey.  Thank you to WWOA’s AmeriCorps member, Häven Epstein, for all her work in creating the online survey template. The WWOA Membership survey was open from the middle of August until October 31, 2023.

WWOA ‘s Membership Survey is offered once every 5 years with the goal of gathering your valuable input to ensure that the Strategic Plan reflects the needs and aspirations of our wonderful WWOA community. By completing the survey, you are directly influencing the future direction of WWOA. Your honest feedback and insights will help us better serve you and meet your expectations. All survey responses are completely anonymous.  

In the meantime, the WWOA Board of Directors will be reviewing the 2020-25 Strategic Plan to determine if any priorities or projects should be carried forward to this Strategic Plan.

During the winter of 2024, membership survey responses will be aggregated and shared with WWOA leaders – Board members and Chapter Board members.  Together they will work on future goals and priorities.

The WWOA Board of Directors will finalize and approve the 2025-30 Strategic Plan at its June 2024 meeting.

The 2025-30 Strategic Plan will be presented to WWOA members at the 2024 Annual Meeting.