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Did you know that over 37% of Wisconsinites volunteer? That’s over 1.7 MILLION people! If you’re looking to give back, consider sharing your time and talents with WWOA!

Make a Difference, Fulfill a Purpose!

WWOA’s mission is to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty and utility of the woodlands. One of the purposes of WWOA is to develop public appreciation of the value of Wisconsin Woodlands and the importance of woodlands in the economy and overall welfare of Wisconsin.
We need YOUR help in fulfilling that purpose! Make a positive difference in your community, and in your life! Studies show that people who volunteer have found a sense of purpose, have a healthier lifestyle, and create tighter family bonds.

Start Your Journey by Volunteering with WWOA

At WWOA, we have a diverse group of volunteer opportunities available. No need to have previous experience and knowledge in Forestry or any natural resource field. We will train you to help you succeed!  Check out a sample of various skills and experiences below, and how they match up with our different types of volunteer opportunities

  • Marketing: Use a variety of sources including bulk mailing, social media, press releases, conventions and much more.
  • Financial: Balancing the WWOA budget, making sounds financial decisions to increase our revenues and ensure long-term financial stability.
  • Writing: Create articles for the WWOA magazine and newsletter, write for our website and social media, create marketing pieces for WWOA.
  • Leadership: Learn how to lead a team (with a committee) toward a common goal.
  • Interpersonal: Work on communication, listening and working together to achieve common goals.
  • Forestry: Continue to learn how to better manage your woodlands by surrounding yourself with WWOA members who have a large amount of collective knowledge and professional experience.
  • Event Planning: Learn how to create, organize and effectively run large public and private events. Examples include setting up various field days, winter conferences and other workshops. Learn how to handle logistics with setting up the event and how to ensure all attendees have a positive experience.

There is something for everyone here at WWOA. Share your interests and experiences by filling out and sending in the Volunteer Interest Form, or you can fill out the Online Volunteer Interest Form. From there, Haven, our volunteer coordinator can match you up with the right volunteer opportunity.

Benefits of Volunteering for WWOA- Just to name a few!

  • Learn new skills: Our volunteers are always learning something new when they volunteer for WWOA.
  • Effect positive change: Help expand the health and vibrancy of our woodlands in Wisconsin, which has countless public benefits. 
  • Meet new friends and expand your personal and professional networks: Meet people who share a common interest in private woodlands, and a passion for woods. If you work in the forestry or wood products profession, you can expand your network of local woodland owners who grow the most woods in our state, put yourself in position for professional opportunities.
  • Volunteer with family: Create your legacy on your woodlands! Strengthen family bonds and make lasting memories. Volunteering for WWOA makes an impact in young ones life, and creates a commitment toward community engagement by providing a helping hand to those in need.
  • Share your knowledge and skills: Give back to WWOA for the help you received from WWOA!

What are you waiting for? Come join the fun!

Contact WWOA  today!  

We look forward to hearing from you and getting you started on your volunteer journey.