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Benefits of WWOA membership:

  • Subscription to Wisconsin Woodlands, WWOA’s award-winning quarterly magazine, keeps you up-to-date on forest management and forestry issues affecting you and your woodlands.
  • News from Wisconsin’s Woods, a joint newsletter of WWOA and WTFC, supplements the quarterly magazine with late-breaking news of major interest to you and other woodland owners.
  • WWOA cosponsors meetings, field days, conferences and workshops to help you learn more about your woodlands.
  • Invitation to the WWOA Annual Meeting, a four-day extravaganza at a new Wisconsin location every year. The event offers educational and entertaining tours, a field day typically at a WWOA member’s woodlands, dinner banquet and so much more!
  • WWOA Chapters are found throughout Wisconsin. Join a chapter in your area and learn more about local issues.
  • WWOA serves as a vital link between woodland owners and natural resource professionals.
  • Join a vast network of private woodland owners with a large amount of collective knowledge, professional skills and experience managing woodlands.
  • WWOA’s affiliation with the National Woodland Owners Association in Washington, D.C. gives you a national voice on forestry issues.
  • WWOA is an active member of numerous state and regional boards, committees, and councils. WWOA also serves as a partner on numerous projects with many agencies and organizations. This participation gives you a voice in making policy and legislation affecting your woodlands.
  • WWOA annually provides scholarships to students interested in forest stewardship.
  • WWOA’s Gift Shop is your source for publications about forestry and woodland management and all your favorite WWOA gear.
  • WWOA will provide you with a sample timber sale contract containing all the necessary legal clauses to protect your interests.

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Voting Membership: Owner of 10 acres or more of Wisconsin woodlands

Regular membership annual dues $60
3 Year Regular membership $165
Family membership annual dues (2 votes, 1 magazine) $90
Individual Life membership (> 18 years old) $750
Gift Regular membership (from WWOA member to nonmember) $30

Nonvoting Membership: Nonowner or owner of less than 10 acres of Wisconsin woodlands

Associate membership annual dues $60
3 Year Associate membership $165
Student (full-time) $30
Gift Associate membership (from WWOA member to nonmember) $30

Any questions regarding WWOA membership can be directed to the WWOA office at 715-346-4798 or