Passing on Your Land

Your woods will still be around for a long time after you are gone. Make sure part of your legacy is that your woods continue to be sustainably managed even when it isn’t by you.

What options are out there?

Thinking about a time when you’re no longer around can make planning for the future a difficult task to face. However, your loved ones will thank you for having a plan in place. Remember when you look online for additional resources, many laws and regulations with estate planning vary by state. Look for publications and people based in Wisconsin.

Below are some of the options our members have considered for their land when they are no longer the ones actively managing the woodlands.

  • Transfer land to the next generation or to family friends
  • Sell land
  • Create a trust, LLC or corporation for the land
  • Donate land to a government agency, nonprofit, or private business


Information provided on this  page is for reference only. It is intended to make you aware of some of the different options for transferring your land. It is not intended to be, nor is it legal advice. It is always best to direct questions to your attorney.