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The Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association is celebrating our 40th Year Anniversary in 2019.  This year we have created some special features for Wisconsin Woodlands magazine.  Our Spring 2019 issue featured a current President’s message and our President’s message from 40 years ago.  Our editor, Barbara A. Schmitz is collecting member’s tips to share in our new feature – Lessons from 40 Years.  Share your favorite tip with fellow WWOA members by sending them to Barb  

The award-winning, quarterly Wisconsin Woodlands magazine is published by the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association (WWOA). Wisconsin Woodlands is a benefit of WWOA membership.  WWOA’s volunteer Publications Committee works with WWOA’s editor, Barbara A. Schmitz, and advertising sales consultant, Helen Moberg, to create an interesting and educational magazine promoting sustainable forestry on private woodlands in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Woodlands contains a variety of articles on topics such as sustainable forest management, invasive plants and animals, members sharing their experiences, wildlife topics, legal advice from lawyer Lars Loberg, legislative issues, government programs such as cost sharing and Managed Forest Law, new forest products and markets, WWOA activities, tools to help you efficiently manage your land and save you money including advertisements for the products you need to help you in your woods.

Wisconsin Woodlands is a 44-page publication with a circulation of 2,300 and growing.


“O is for Owl” by Marcia Frost Vahradian won 1st place in the WWOA Alphabet Soup category from the 2017 Photo Contest.

 Below is a sampling of articles from past magazines, so you can get a feel for what the magazine is all about.   Click on the title to view the article.

Fireflies: Nature’s Nightlights
Forests are ever Changing
Hey Ticks! Pick on Someone Your Own Size
A History of White Pine Blister Rust in North America and Wisconsin
Little Bird in the Pines: Meet the Northern Saw-Whet Owl
Make Sure Your Land Is Properly Classified in Light of Property Tax Revaluation
Members Sharing Experiences: Four Standouts Explain their Approach
Plant Your Legacy
Quick Cost Share Guide for Landowners
Tax Tips for 2017
Timber Theft and Trespass Prevention
Use Digital Technology to Create an Interactive Forest Management Plan
Who You Gonna Call? What WDNR Conservation Wardens can do for Woodland Owners 
Wildlife Food Plots Alone are not the Answer
Wisconsin’s Tension Zone Explained
Working up the Nerve to have a Timber Harvest
You are Aging Faster than your Trees


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