May 23, 2017

VERY SOON the Joint Committee on Finance (JCF) will be taking up the Forestry Mill Tax (or as legislators have been calling it the State Property Tax) issue.  The Committee is split on this issue and needs to hear from WWOA members and citizens about the benefits of the Forestry Mill Tax. Your voice and a few minutes of your time CAN make a difference on this very important issue!


  1. WWOA members are encouraged to call Joint Committee on Finance members to express their opinion on the Forestry Mill Tax or WI Property Tax on Wednesday, May 24 or Tuesday, May 30, if possible.  
  2. If you are a constituent (a voter in the district) of a member of the Joint Committee on Finance, try to meet in person with your legislator either at their office in Madison as soon as possible or when they are home in their district over Memorial Day Weekend.
  3. Email or send letters to members of JCF with your thoughts on this issue.
  4. Share your thoughts with your State Legislators in addition to members of JCF.

When calling a legislator’s office, request to speak to the legislator’s person that handles policy issues or the person working on the Forestry Mill Tax or State Property Tax issue.  If this person is not available, leave a message requesting that they return your call.

Suggested thoughts may include:

My name is __________ and I am from __________.  I am a Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association member and I want to express my opinion on the  State Property Tax, also known as the Forestry Mill Tax issue.  I do not support the defunding of the Forestry Mill Tax and the use of General Purpose Revenue to fund Forestry programs as proposed in this budget.  I have OR My woods have personally benefited from the Forestry Mill Tax through __(see below)__.  You could also mention “these are long-term benefits for future generations and need a long-term, dedicated source of funding provided by the Forestry Mill Tax.  This is an investment in the future of Wisconsin with an 87 year history of proven returns.”

How have you benefited from the Forestry Mill Tax?
1. Do you have land in the Managed Forest Law (MFL) program?
2. Have you had a DNR forester walk your property and make recommendations?
3. Have you experienced a forest fire that DNR responded to or assisted with?
4. Do you have a rural fire department that has received DNR grants for equipment or training?
5. Do you appreciate the benefits provided by trees in your city or town?
6. Do you use State or County Forests for camping, hunting or other recreational activities?
7.  Have your children or grandchildren learned about our forests through educational programs in their schools?
8. Have you celebrated Arbor Day by planting trees with 4th graders?


Or perhaps, you’ve benefited by one of the other Forestry Mill Tax benefits listed in the other articles in this section of the website (Government Affairs).

Remember, members of the Joint Committee on Finance are acting on behalf of all Wisconsin citizens in the creation of the state budget.  The Committee is split on this issue and needs to hear from WWOA members and citizens about the benefits of this program. For the price of a pizza, we can continue to have productive, beautiful and sustainable forests for our future.