Bought Rhododendrons or Azaleas This Season? Check for Disease, Plant Health Officials Caution

MADISON – State plant health officials are advising consumers who bought rhododendrons or azaleas this spring and summer to be on the lookout for signs of a disease that could spread to oaks and kill them. [Read more…]

Storm Damage – More Resources added!

What do you do after your woodlands experience unexpected storm damage? [Read more…]

How to Control Stream Bank Erosion

In this article we will discuss about the twelve methods used for controlling stream bank erosion. The methods are: 1. Stream Bank Stabilization—Gabion Method 2. Vegetated Geo-Grid Method 3. Iowa Vanes 4. Vegetative Riprap 5. Stone Riprap 6. Pilings with Wire or Geotextile Fencings 7. Dormant Post Plantings 8. Coconut Fiber Rolls Method 9. Branch Packing Method 10. Live Fascine Method and Few Others. (Read more…)

Full Cycle Tree Farm Arbor Day Event

WWOA life member and 2006 WWOA Next Generation Award winner, Nancy Livingston, wraps up 2 decades of sharing her land with Adams-Friendship 4thgraders. Do you know of a WWOA member who is helping the next generation learn about caring for private woodlands?  It’s not too late to nominate them for WWOA’s Next Generation Award 

Click “Read More” to see the full article on the Tree Planting Event.

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WBCI Seeks Designs for New Logo

The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative is a voluntary partnership of 175+ state, federal, and non-government organizations that aims to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation from outreach and education to research and monitoring. Dating back to 2002, WBCI has a long list of accomplishments including among others the Great Wisconsin Birding & Nature Trail, Important Bird Areas, and Bird City Wisconsin. In 2018, the partnership completed a five-year strategic plan and now seeks a new logo to brand its work to conserve birds into the future.

Submission guidelines are as a PDF here. Deadline for submission is August 15, 2019. The winning design will be awarded a $500 cash prize. 

Ash Log Harvesting

USDA Biological Control Facility Seeks Ash Trees for Parasitoid Production. Landowners Support Program to Combat the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Countless landowners have donated their ash trees to support the parasitoid production facility in Brighton Michigan, what about you? (Ash log harvesting document.)

Timber Theft Alert

The WI DNR has contacted WWOA to alert us of timber thefts of young aspen and paper birch in the following areas:

Southern Oneida Co.

Northeastern Lincoln Co.

Northern Langlade Co.

Forest Co.

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Tree seedlings have a good reason to shirk their parents

In the study of forests, a central mystery has long stood unsolved: The seed that falls far from the tree does a whole lot better in life than the seed that stays close. Though scientists have never fully understood the reasons behind this pattern, they believe that something about the soil of an adult tree makes it unfriendly to seeds of the same species. (read more...)

WWOA & AmazonSmile

WWOA is discontinuing our relationship with AmazonSmile.
If you have registered to do your shopping through AmazonSmile and selected Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association to receive a donation based on a percent of your sales, please immediately remove WWOA from your AmazonSmile account.
WWOA registered as a charity with AmazonSmile back in August 2018. However, to date we have not received any donations from this program due to their inability to transfer the funds to WWOA’s account.
As a result, we have formally discontinued our relationship with AmazonSmile. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused our members.

Gifts versus Inheritances – Is there a difference?

Is there a difference between Gifting and Inheriting land? Click here to find out. [Read more…]