April 7, 2020

Update 4/7/20 – AB 856/SB867 failed to pass during this legislative session.

WWOA President Randy Cooper testified at the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Forestry, Parks and Outdoor Recreation on February 4, 2020 about proposed changes to the Managed Forest Law program contained in Assembly Bill 856 (formerly LRB 5118/1).  Read WWOA’s testimony to learn more.

AB 856 proposes modifying Managed Forest Law provisions created under 2015 Wisconsin Act 358:
– how minimum acreage eligibility is determined
– storage buildings or improvements and how they are classified
– changes the definitions for additional parcels of land to be added to an existing MFL order
– provides more direction on how “material changes” to the MFL program will be designed on legislation or  promogated rules
– changes what circumstances withdrawal taxes and fees may be collected
– defines large ownership (1,000 acres or more under one owner) and allows DNR to create rules that allow these ownerships to deviate from the requirements that apply under the statutue
– removes prohibitions on leasing of MFL lands

WWOA will continue to work with the Legislature, WI DNR, and others to improve the MFL program and keep you informed on these proposals.