Welcome to Growing Your Legacy!

We’re so glad you found us! The Growing Your Legacy project is a partnership between the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association (WWOA). It’s all about connecting woodland owners like yourself to resources that can help you better manage your land and accomplish your goals. 

We are here to help whether you have owned your land for years, are just starting out, or are on your way to being a land owner in the future.

I want to start now! 


I want to learn more! 

Below are some links to help you navigate the WWOA website and assist you on your journey to growing your legacy.

Growing Your Legacy
  • Get Started: learn about some simple steps you can take to become a more engaged landowner
  • Request Assistance: join WWOA today and receive a free copy of the My Land Handbook with binder (or other resources) and/or a free walk-through on your property with a WDNR Forester if you qualify (NOTE: Unfortunately WDNR does not provide onsite walk throughs  for woodland owners in Dane, Green, Rock, Jefferson, and Walworth counties.)
  • Legacy Families: hear from 3 families on how they have been growing their legacy and why it is important 
  • Grow Your Family Legacy: learn about ways to get your next generation engaged with the woodlands and grow their connection to the land    
  • Passing on Your Land: view ideas on how to pass on the land and keep your legacy going after you are gone
Other Helpful Places on the WWOA Website
  • Resources, Publications, & Links: multiple resources separated by categories to help you locate the information you’re seeking. Some examples include: citizen science; climate change; cost sharing programs; foresters; tax assistance; plant, soil, tick, water & wetland, and wildlife resources
  • Wisconsin Woodlands Magazine:  view a sample of articles from our award winning magazine 
  • Calendar of Events: search through both educational and social events from WWOA and other organizations throughout Wisconsin  

On behalf of the entire forestry community,