Canadian Broadcast Corporation – How to prepare properly for a walk in the woods and what to do if you get lost?

Caring For Your Woodland – Work Safely in Your Woods

Husqvarna Chainsaw Academy – Chainsaw safety, how to fell a tree, how to use a chainsaw videos. Other resources and tools for all things chainsaw. Includes 5-step felling plan needed.


For the following 7 YouTube videos we recommend taking out your chainsaw, if you own one, while watching. Visualizing the parts of the chainsaw referenced in the videos as you go can be tremendously beneficial in learning the proper manner of caring for your chainsaw.

Chainsaw How To – Ergonomic Stance (YouTube) – Proper techniques on correct chainsaw handling including tips for proper working position, hand and foot placement, and tested cutting methods. NEW 2022 resource

Chainsaw How To – Personal Protective Equipment (YouTube) – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) options available for use during chainsaw operation. NEW 2022 resource

How to Maintain and Service Your Chainsaw (YouTube) – Techniques and tips to care for and clean your chainsaw to keep your saw running at optimal condition. NEW 2022 resource

How to Start a Chainsaw Training (YouTube) – Learn proper chainsaw starting techniques and ensure your saw is running at peak performance. NEW 2022 resource

How to Make Tree Felling Notches And Hinges (YouTube) – Proper way to notch a tree by creating different notches during tree felling. Learn about hinge cutting and tree notching techniques for maintaining the correct amount of hinge. NEW 2022 resource

How to Develop and Utilize a Safe Practical Felling Plan (YouTube) – Learn to survey your surroundings for obstacles or hazards, where to fell the tree in your work zone, and proper escape techniques for a safer operation. NEW 2022 resource

How to Safely Fall or Cut Down a Tree Using a Chainsaw (YouTube) – In the woods video of how to properly fell a tree using careful planning and a high degree of skill. NEW 2022 resource


OSHA Tree Felling Manual – OSHA safety standards for effectively felling trees and logging practices.

US National Park Service – Hike Smart

University of New Hampshire– Staying Safe in the Woods

University of Wisconsin Extension – Outdoor Hazards in Wisconsin: A Guide to Insects, Plants and Wildlife

University of Wisconsin Extension – 5 Poisonous Plants to Avoid in Wisconsin

Washington Trails Association – How to Build A Hiker’s First Aid Kit

Wisconsin DNR – Wildfire Causes & Prevention

Wisconsin Public TV (YouTube) – Outdoor Insect Hazards: Biting and Stinging Pests video