President’s Message

Welcome to the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association or better known as WWOA


The focus of this organization is woodlands education in an effort to maximize the enjoyment and profitability of your woodlands.
The mission statement for WWOA states this and can be found on the WWOA website.
WWOA is a composite of its members.  With many members’ involvement, WWOA continues to move its strategic plan forward.
Please get more involved in any way you can. Attend a local chapter meeting or field day or volunteer at the state level in any of a variety of activities.
Consider attending the WWOA Annual Meeting, it’s the highlight of the year. Many WWOA members attend and are more than willing to share things that have worked for them and things that have not worked.  There are also tours offered for various wood using industries in Wisconsin and the highlight of the Annual Meeting is a field day visit to a member’s woodlands.  You will be rewarded with the satisfaction knowing you have helped your fellow woodland owners, made some new friends and probably learned something that can help you to be a better steward of your own woodlands.
Please consider joining WWOA.  I look forward to meeting you at a future WWOA event.
Tom Kempen, President