President’s Message



Welcome to the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association or WWOA!   If you love your land and your woods, and every woods needs a person or family to love it, you have found the right website to assist you in that relationship.  WWOA is made up of members, many just like you.  As a group, our membership is very diverse.  Backgrounds include agriculture farmers (me), teachers, homemakers, military personnel, doctors, lawyers, bankers, foresters (of course), and people working in, or retired from, so many other areas.  They are young and older. They live all over the place-on their land or in places away from their land, either in Wisconsin or other states. 

The thing members have in common is ownership of woodland or, at least, a great interest in forestry.  When we mix such a group together and rub elbows with each other, great ideas are shared.  Members have tried just about everything you can think of to start and keep trees growing; battle invasive plants; pass on their land and legacy to family members or other people; educate each other; guide legislation; and have a lot of fun. 

WWOA is operated by an eleven-member Board of Directors and an administrative staff based in Stevens Point.  There are also thirteen chapters that operate in various parts of Wisconsin.  We encourage membership in both the state and chapter organizations. 

We are all about sustainable forest management and enjoyment of the beauty and utility of the woodlands.  Please consider joining WWOA, if you haven’t already, so we can hear your story!

Richard Wagner, President