July 23, 2019
Public comment period open through August 16, 2019

WOODRUFF, Wis. – Plans for improved access to the Northern Highland – American Legion State Forest through the designation of approximately 19 miles of all-terrain and utility vehicles routes on Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources roads in the state forest are now available for public comment. The roads proposed for ATV/UTV route designation will, in conjunction with routes on local and county roads, contribute to a system of ATV/UTV routes through the forest that connect communities and provide additional recreation opportunities.

The ATV/UTV routes are being planned through the master plan variance process. A master plan variance is a change in the use or management of an area that is consistent with the area’s land management classification and objectives. This variance proposal accompanies an October 2017 amendment to the recreation portion of the State Forest’s 2005 Master Plan and a subsequent variance approved in 2018. The 2017 amendment authorized up to 202 miles of ATV/UTV routes to be planned on existing DNR roads and trails. Approximately 51 miles have been planned previously. If this variance is approved, approximately 70 total miles of ATV/UTV routes have been planned in the Northern Highland – American Legion State Forest.

The public can review the draft variance, maps that show the proposed and previously planned routes and submit comments by searching the DNR website, dnr.wi.gov, for “property planning” and clicking on the link for “Northern Highland – American Legion State Forest (plan variance).” Questions or comments should be submitted by August 16, 2019 to Phil Rynish, DNR Property Planner through the online comment form, via email at Phillip.Rynish@wisconsin.gov, or mail at Wisconsin DNR; Attn: Phil Rynish; PO Box 7921; Madison, WI 53707-7921.