December 12, 2016

A new fungicide, RotStop C, is now registered and available for use in Wisconsin. The fungicide is used to protect fresh cut stumps from Heterobasidion Root Disease (formerly referred to as Annosum Root Rot). RotStop C is a biological fungicide that contains spores of the wood decay fungus, Phlebiopsis gigantea.

RotStop C is a wettable powder, applied as an aqueous mixture to fresh cut stumps. One gallon of the fungicide treats roughly 40 square feet, which translates to about 145 six inch stumps or 65 ten inch stumps.

RotStop C is manufactured and distributed by BioForest in Canada. For more information on the product, visit the BioForest Website.

The only other fungicide (a borax fungicide) used to protect fresh cut stumps from Heterobasidion Root Disease that is currently registered for use in Wisconsin is Cellu-Treat. Visit the Nisus website for more information on Cellu-Treat.

For more information on Heterobasidion Root Disease and how to recognize it, visit the WI DNR website.