October 5, 2016

The WI DNR has issued final guidance on changes made to the Managed Forest Law and Forest Crop Law programs based on Act 358 passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor this past spring.

Act 358 Final Guidance

Topics covered in this 13 page document include:
-Severance/Yield Taxes
-FCL Termination Taxes
-Cutting Notices (MFL & FCL)
-Buildings and Improvements (MFL)
-Minimum Acreage (MFL)
-Access (MFL)
-Leasing MFL Lands
-Closed Acreage Limits (MFL)
-Additions to MFL Entries
-MFL Withdrawal Taxes and Fees
-MFL Voluntary Withdrawals – General
-MFL Voluntary Withdrawals – Construction or Small Land Sales
-Natural Disasters/Damage to Land (MFL)
-MFL Voluntary Withdrawals – Productivity & Sustainability
-Land Remaining after a MFL Withdrawal (whether voluntary or involuntary)
-Voluntary MFL Withdrawal Processes
-MFL Transfers of Ownership
-Contracts (MFL)
-Renewals (MFL)
-Renewal process for 2018 and future entries