August 29, 2019

The Wausau and Marathon County Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department is beginning the process of updating its Fifteen-Year Forest Plan which will guide the management of our 30,195-acre Marathon County Forest from 2021 – 2035. Please help us with this important process. We want to hear from you about issues to address with plan revisions. Please submit feedback by September 25, 2019.

Natural resources, such as those represented by the Marathon County Forest, are the base for satisfying the ecological and socioeconomic needs of present and future generations. The mission of the County Forest is to manage and protect these resources on a sustainable basis.

County Forest resources should be protected from catastrophes such as insect and disease outbreaks and fire, and from threats such as encroachment, over-utilization, environmental degradation, and excessive development. While managing for environmental needs, including watershed protection, protection of rare plant and animal communities, and biological diversity, these same resources must be managed for socioeconomic needs such as recreational opportunities and the production of raw materials for wood-using industries.

We can balance local needs with broader concerns by integrating sustainable forestry, wildlife, fisheries, endangered resources, water quality, soil, and recreational recommendations and practices.

Your input is important. Please take the time to give us your initial comments by completing and submitting the online response sheet by September 25, 2019. Below is the link to the online response sheet.

Marathon County Forest On-line Response Sheet

Questions can be directed to:

Tom Lovlien
Marathon County Forest Administrator
Phone 715.261.1550