January 17, 2017

Chippewa Valley Chapter Newsletter
January 2017
Chair, Merlyn Jones

‘Tis the Season – the time to review plans, take stock of resources, organize and “HOPE” for the best. Where are each of us in this process? An excellent component in this planning process is to retrieve (or request) your copy of “My Land Handbook” prepared by the Women of WWOA as a project to assist us all in preparing the next generation of Woodlanders in our future. As many of you are aware, this is a guide for documenting important information and resources specific to each of us and our families. Like insurance, it is never needed-until it is really needed! Then it is beyond our reach unless already prepared and shared. Although logically we all know we too shall pass, but until later years in life most of us refuse to face this reality and rather believe that maybe in “my case” there will be an exception. Guess again!

Of course, we cannot be perfect in our planning because there are too many variables beyond anyone’s control, but organizing our information will be critical to those following to make wise choices and decisions is one legacy that is in our power. I once heard that one of the best gifts parents could leave their children is a strong marriage and relationship. A second gift would be an organized road map of where to go and who to go to for wise decisions in your absence. Let’s get cracking on preparing the “My Land Handbook”. Get yours here. Also, our foresters and consultants contact many folks who would benefit from this handbook. Let’s make it available to them to pass to the woodland owners they work with. We are not a secret society with secret codes; your neighbors may find this as helpful as each of us. Pass the word!

The one observation I have is that the Handbook should not be limited to woodland information. Many of us have other land uses with agreements, contracts, and reporting requirements at least as involved as for our woodlands and these should be captured as part of this central Handbook document as well.