January 16, 2018

Looking for a forester to help with the vision you have for your woodlands?  You can use the Forestry Assistance Locator to find cooperating foresters or DNR service foresters for your county or view the current Directory of Foresters.

Types of foresters listed in the directory include DNR Tax Law Specialists, DNR Foresters, Cooperating Foresters, & Certified Plan Writers.

  • DNR Tax Law Specialists: are employed by the state and are stationed throughout Wisconsin to administer Wisconsin’s tax law programs (Forest Crop Law and Managed Forest Law)
  • DNR Foresters: are employed by the state and are located throughout Wisconsin to get you started with forest management
  • Cooperating Foresters: are private enterprise foresters (consulting foresters and industrial foresters) who have signed an agreement with the DNR to comply with DNR standards for sound forest management. Cooperating foresters provide assistance to private landowners on a contract or fee basis, which the landowner pays.
  • Certified Plan Writers: are cooperating foresters certified by the DNR to write Managed Forest Law plans.

Foresters can help you with a wide variety of services. An example list for both DNR and private foresters can be found in the Directory of Foresters. Remember the best way to find the right forester for you is to talk to them and ask around for references and examples of their past work.