WWOA members, won’t you share your talents and interests with our committees?  WWOA needs your volunteer efforts to be successful. Most of WWOA’s committees are open to any member.  In addition to meeting other woodland owners and having input into WWOA, just a few hours of your time a couple times a year can accomplish so much!

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Annual Meeting Planning Committee

This committee consists of local WWOA members working with the Executive Director to design, implement, and host the meeting.  The 2020 Annual Meeting will be held at the Hudson House Grand Hotel in Hudson, Wisconsin. 

Awards Committee

This committee reviews Nominations from the membership for WWOA’s Distinguished Service, Special Recognition and Next Generation Awards. These awards are presented at the WWOA Annual Meeting Banquet.  This committee conducts its business by meeting a few times a year in central Wisconsin.

Education Committee

The Education Committee reviews WWOA’s educational efforts and makes recommendations for new programs to WWOA’s Board of Directors.  The committee may also create and host special educational programs for members.  This committee meets in Stevens Point.

Endowment Committee

The Endowment Committee reviews the financial status of WWOA’s Endowment Fund, works to increase the Fund balance and makes recommendations to WWOA’s Board of Directors on how annual distributions from the Fund should be used. This committee meets in February and July of each year in Stevens Point.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee welcomes members with financial management backgrounds.  The committee monitors WWOA’s financial situation and works with the Treasurer in making recommendations to the Board for WWOA’s annual budget.  This committee meets a couple of times of year in Waupaca.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee develops and implements ways to help support WWOA by raising the necessary funds to complete WWOA’s mission and goals. The committee meets once a year in early spring in Stevens Point.

Gift Shop Committee

This committee selects and designs items to be offered for sale through WWOA’s Gift Shop.  In addition, committee members take the gift shop display to various events to sell items.  This committee meets once a year in early spring in Stevens Point to review the gift shop items and make new selections. 

Government Affairs Committee

This committee reviews proposed state and federal legislative issues pertaining to private woodland management.  The committee makes recommendations to the WWOA Board of Directors and writes articles to keep the membership informed.  Learn more at Government Affairs News.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee invites speakers to address the committee on particular products, local markets, or issues related to marketing your timber.  Timber prices and trends are also monitored by this committee.

Membership Committee

The committee works on ways to encourage active woodland owners to join WWOA.  The committee uses these ideas to strengthen WWOA’ s membership enabling the organization to be more effective in encouraging sustainable woodland management throughout Wisconsin.

Nominating Committee

Members of this Committee are appointed by the WWOA President and elected at large by voting members at the Annual Meeting to secure nominees for expiring terms or vacancies that occur on the Board of Directors.

Past Presidents Committee

The Past Presidents Committee is an advisory committee of WWOA’s Past Presidents.

President’s Council on Chapters

Commonly called the Chapter Chairs, this committee consists of the Chair from each of WWOA’s twelve chapters. They meet bi-annually to discuss and share ideas on current issues the WWOA Board is working on, chapter structure, and local activities offered to WWOA members.

Publication Committee

The primary responsibility of the Publication Committee is producing an informative and interesting quarterly issue of Wisconsin Woodlands magazine for our members.  Committee members are encouraged to write, solicit, and collect articles that might be of interest.  Submitted articles are reviewed and edited as necessary for placement in Wisconsin Woodlands.  The committee meets in March, June and December in Portage.

Science Committee

Science Committee members have a natural resources background and serve on various scientific committees representing WWOA members.

Website Committee

The Website Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining WWOA’s website and social media to provide information to our members in a timely manner.  The committee meets quarterly in Stevens Point.

Wildlife Committee

This committee addresses issues related to aquatic and terrestrial wildlife as it pertains to sustainable forest management.


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