Your Comments are Needed on the WI State Budget

Have you benefitted from these programs – walked in your woods with a WI DNR forester, used WI Forest Landowner Grant Program cost-sharing, met with a Tax Law Specialist about your Managed Forest Law or Forest Crop Law plan, attended a winter woodland owner conference with WDNR speakers, learned from an article in Wisconsin Woodlands magazine that was authored by WDNR staff, or attended a WWOA chapter field day with WDNR staff presenting – don’t take these benefits for granted!

The WWOA Board of Directors met on Monday, March 27, 2023 to discuss proposed forestry budget initiatives for the Wisconsin State Budget 2023-25.   Here is their letter to members of the Joint Committee on Finance regarding forestry budget initiatives WWOA letter to WI Joint Committee on Finance.

WWOA members are encouraged to contact members of the Joint Committee on Finance or their State Senator or Assembly person to express their support verbally or in writing for forestry initiatives within the State Budget.  If legislators do not hear from woodland owners about forestry issues, then forestry items become easy to delete from or not include in the state budget.

In 2017, the Forestry Mill Tax (provided dedicated financial support forestry programs) was sunset.  Funding for forestry programs now comes General Purpose Revenue (GPR).  This means that forestry expenditures compete with other state program needs making it vital that woodland owners speak up to maintain these programs for the health of Wisconsin’s forests.

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Other natural resource budget information can be found at
State Budget – Conservation Fund Report (Informational Paper 65) 2023– the Forestry Account starts on pg 18