WWOA In Person Activities are Back!

WWOA In Person Activities are Back!

Field days and chapter events are back!

The WWOA Board of Directors agreed to resume in person WWOA activities starting May 1, 2021 and upcoming events are currently being posted on WWOA’s Calendar of Events! An in-person activities COVID guidance document has been created and will be followed for all WWOA events.

WWOA’s policy strongly encourages wearing of masks and social distancing at all in person events and events will follow current recommendations and guidance in place by the local health department.  Registered attendees who are feeling sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 the day of the event,  please stay home for everyone’s safety.  If an attendee becomes ill with COVID-19 within 14 days of attending an in person WWOA event, the attendee is required to notify the sponsor of the WWOA event.

Above all, WWOA values the health and safety of our members, guests, and staff. This guidance strives to create a respectful and healthy environment for participation in WWOA events. A vital part of WWOA’s mission includes safe in person field days and educational events/activities.

Attendees of WWOA in person activities are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and snacks to the event.