WWOA Board requests amendments to MFL Cutting Notice

The WWOA Board requests Joint Committee on Finance amend Motion #240 regarding the elimination of DNR approval of cutting notices on Managed Forest Law (MFL) property (LFB Paper #465).

Motion #240 sponsored by Senator Tiffany and Representative Czaja expanded on the Legislative Fiscal Bureau Paper #465 which would have specified that only DNR Cooperating Foresters could submit cutting notices without DNR approval for MFL timber harvests.  Motion #240 will allow foresters accredited by the Society of American Foresters Wisconsin Cooperating Foresters, Association of Consulting Foresters, or Sustainable Forestry Initiative to be approved timber cutting notice submitters.

WWOA opposes any change to the MFL program cutting notice approval process because the program clearly places the legal responsibility for compliance with the MFL program on participating landowners not on foresters, loggers or any other contractor submitting the cutting notices.

MFL participants should have the right to request DNR approval of MFL cutting notices ensuring that the proposed timber harvest is in compliance with the MFL program’s sustainable forestry practices.

Read WWOA’s letter to JFC – Request to Amend JFC Motion #240