WWOA Board proposes ByLaw Changes

The WWOA Board of Directors is proposing three ByLaw changes for the 2016 annual membership meeting in Oshkosh on September 17.  WWOA ByLaws may be amended by the Board subject to the approval, amendment or repeal by voting members.  Voting members of WWOA are those members owning ten or more acres of Wisconsin woodlands.  Voting members will be asked to vote on these changes at the membership meeting.

The Board approved eliminating the Contributing membership level at their November 12, 2015 meeting.  Currently WWOA only has 12 memberships under this category.  Many members include a donation when renewing their membership but do not select this category of membership.  This would allow for simplification of WWOA’s membership categories on our brochure, website and for tracking purposes.

At the Board’s March 3, 2016 meeting, the Board approved two additional ByLaw changes.

Under current ByLaws the Nominating Committee shall nominate two voting members for each vacancy on the Board.  Unfortunately, the Nominating Committee has tried for many years to attain this level but has been unable to find enough voting members willing to run for the Board of Directors.  The proposed amended language states that the Nominating Committee shall nominate at least one or more voting members for each vacancy.

The Board approved revised language regarding who runs the membership meetings.  Current ByLaws state a chairperson pro tem is to be elected from those voting members present.  The Board approved revising this language to so that the President will run membership meetings.  Since the inception of this ByLaw, voting members present at each membership meeting have elected the President.

Information about these ByLaw amendments will be mailed to members in the 2016 Annual Meeting registration packets at the end of June.