WWOA Announces 2018 Photo Contest Themes

The themes for the 2018 photo contest are here! Review your photo files, dig through your shoe boxes and albums to find one that matches our new themes.

Stepping Stones: Photos submitted in this category should portray one of the many varied steps we take to manage our woods. These steps may be “baby” and small in size or giant and grand in nature and scope. Whatever the size step you have taken, capture the moments working with a professional forester, resource manager, logging contractor, road maintenance worker, legacy planner, habitat improvement laborer, or other activities that focus on conservation efforts in the woods. Photos should include people and be stunning, action-oriented representation of the “steps” taken in our woods.

Arrivals and Departures: This category is looking for photos illustrating the Spontaneity of Spring or the Farewell of Fall. Photographs should showcase the attributes and qualities of these two drastically different season in the woods. Whether it is buds breaking or leaves falling, song birds nesting or geese flying. April showers bringing May flowers or frosty freezes, consider submitting a photo that highlights the best aspects of either an arrival or departure in your woods. Photos must not include people.

Entry forms for the contest will be included in the Annual Meeting registration packet, but you do not have to attend the Annual Meeting in order to participate. (But we will miss celebrating with you when your name is announced as a winner at the meeting!) Registration packets will come out in early July.

Remember, photos must be of a WWOA member’s property adn taken by a WWOA member or immediate family member. Photo quality is important so set your camera for the maximum resolution setting. There are two categories – youth and adult – so share the fun with your next or next, next generation!