WWOA Woodland Mentor Program


Do You Want to Learn More About Your Woodlands?
Let WWOA Show You the Way!


Without in person events, we are missing the time to talk and engage with fellow WWOA members! Are you feeling this way, too? Come join our new WWOA Woodland Mentor Program, while learning with and talking to other WWOA members from the comfort of your home! Whether you are new to WWOA or are a life member, this is for you! We are so excited to get you started and share with you this special member only program.


WWOA receives new grant

WWOA is proud to be awarded a grant from the UW Center for Cooperatives for two initiatives. The first initiative is to increase the number of WWOA Forestry Leader scholarships. Traditionally we offered one per academic year, but with the grant we are able to offer TWO additional scholarships for 2020-21. Learn more about our two new winners in the Fall 2020 issue of Wisconsin Woodlands magazine.


WWOA Woodland Mentor Program

As part of our second initiative for the grant, WWOA has created a mentor program for new members joining our organization. This program is designed to help new members learn more about the benefits of WWOA, help find options for their woodlands, share information on caring for their land, and inform them of services and programs available to woodland owners. New members will be paired up with an existing WWOA member to help achieve the goals of the program and guide them through important landowner topics.

Some goals of the program include:

  • Help new members feel welcome within WWOA.
  • Ensure that new members feel comfortable engaging in the WWOA network and becoming active at the chapter level.
  • Engage new members  in learning about the variety of resources available to assist them in caring for their woods.
  • Encourage new members to consider their long-term goals and objectives for their woodlands.

New members encouraged to Participate!

New members can fill out our fillable Woodland Mentor Program- New member Interest form so we can best match you with a knowledgeable and experienced WWOA Mentor. Get started on your WWOA journey, today!

*If you have specific mentor requirements, state them on the form.

Once you fill out the form, save it and send it to volunteer.wwoa@gmail.com.

Woodland Mentor Program- New Member Interest Form




Are you a natural teacher? Come share your woodland experience! 

Help another WWOA member learn about their woods. Volunteer mentors will be provided training on the WWOA organization, goals of the mentor program, how to be a good listener, and program parameters.
Mentors are encouraged to have a range of experience and knowledge about sustainable woodland management using the WWOA module topics outlined below.

If this sounds like you, fill out the form below! Once you fill out the form, save it and send it to volunteer.wwoa@gmail.com.

Woodland Mentor Program-Volunteer Mentor Interest Form.



What will you be learning about?

WWOA has created 10 landowner topics that will be presented monthly for mentors and new members to have discussions about and for the new member to learn a little about each topic. Each modules will be presented by mentor in a matter of communication that is preferred by the new member and mentor.  Below are the topics of each of the 10 modules:

  1. What is WWOA?
  2. Safety in the Woods
  3. Sources of Professional Advice and Financial Assistance
  4. Assessing your Woodland
  5. Setting Realistic Goals/Objectives and Establishing a Management Plan
  6. Other Forest Benefits
  7. Tax consequences of owning, operating and transferring woodlands.
  8. Timber Stand Improvement, Harvesting and Afforestation/Regeneration of Forests
  9. Forest Health
  10. Continuing Your Legacy

Frequently Asked Questions