WI Women’s Woodland Gathering 2023


Dear all,

Thank you for joining us at the Lions Camp for the Wisconsin Women’s Woodland Gathering! We hope this event was able to answer your woodland management questions, help you connect with like-minded women, and provide an opportunity to learn and ask questions in a supportive environment.

Below is a one-stop-shop for all the information from the weekend sessions. Please check back as we continue to add the session’s resources and gather additional information and links from the presenters. Feel free to bookmark this page to make it easily accessible for future use! If you are having trouble finding or accessing any of the material or have any questions, please reach out to either volunteer.wwoa@gmail.com or wwoa@uwsp.edu.

Thank you!

Häven Epstein, WWOA



Speaker Bios and Agenda Handout

“Welcome to the Forestry Community” – Lauren Larsen

Link to presentation

Wisconsin’s Woodland Pollinators — Julia Weissing

Citizen Science and Insect Monitoring Projects

      • Bumble Bee Brigade
        • Bumblebee observation and population tracking citizen science project developed by the DNR.
        • Provides basic bumblebee identification training.
        • https://wiatri.net/inventory/bbb/ 
      • WIBee
        • Pollinator tracking and observation app developed by the Gratton Lab at UW-Madison.
        • Low time investment.
        • Provides basic insect identification training.
        • https://pollinators.wisc.edu/wibee/
      • Wisconsin Odonata Survey

Insect Identification Resources

      • Wisconsin Insect Identification Tool
      • UW Madison Insect Diagnostic Lab

Developing a Wildlife Management Plan—Jamie Nack
Spring Foraging — Colleen Matula
Amazing Amphibians — Rebecca Christoffel
Forest Health Trifecta: Insects, Disease and Invasive Plants — Alex Feltmeyer & Mary Bartkowiak
Watching for Wildlife — Rebecca Christoffel


Tree Identification — Nancy Bozek

WI DNR tree identification with links to other resources 

LEAF key for Wisconsin trees 

Various keys for tree ID

Tree free app developed by Virginia Tech and covers trees in WI



Silviculture: Tools and Tidbits in Management — Colleen Matula
Engaging Kids Outdoors— Jamie Nack
Spring Ephemerals & Woodland Flora: Identification, Exploration, & Connection— Olivia Kovacs

Other DNR Resources

Fire danger and burning permits 

Forestry Assistance Locator

Forest Health Topics  

Invasive Species 

Learn about WI Forests

Personalize Tree Planting Plan

Private woodland owners information 

Professional Forestry Assistance