Scholarship Match Campaign

Grow A Forester Match Campaign – Your support led us to GROW and meet our match!

A big thank you to everyone who pitched in to help us Grow A Forester by donating to the WWOA Forestry Leader Scholarship! In the end we were still a bit short in reaching the full match of $20,000 and that is when Chippewa Valley Chapter’s board stepped in challenging WWOA’s chapters to donate $250 each. Thank you to the Bad Axe, Blackhawk, Central Sands, North Central, Northwest, Phoenix Falls, West Central and Wolf River chapters in addition to the Chippewa Valley chapter for helping us reach our final goal and receive the full match amount. 

Join with WWOA in supporting our educational efforts to promote a lasting partnership with forestry students at UW-Stevens Point. By offering this annual $5,000 scholarship, we are working to ensure that private woodland owners will always have access to well-trained foresters.

Our application period is now open! Applications are due by Wednesday, January 1, 2020. To learn more and apply visit 


Donations are always welcome. If you wish to donate, do so here at