Letter to Governor regarding Budget Bill

WWOA’s President Paul Kienitz has sent a letter to Governor Walker regarding the State Budget.  At this time, WWOA is not aware of any movement by legislators to remove the Managed Forest Law (MFL)/ Forest Crop Law (FCL) provision that eliminates DNR approval of these timber cutting notices.  As stated in WWOA’s letter:

WWOA strongly objects to the removal of WI DNR, Division of Forestry oversight of Managed Forest Law (MFL) timber cutting notices and the elimination of the related 4 FTEs.  The MFL program clearly places the legal responsibility for compliance with this program on participating landowners not on the Foresters or others submitting the cutting notices.

This important third party review by DNR offers woodland owners assurances that if they complete the timber harvesting practice as detailed in the cutting notice, the landowner is remaining compliant with the MFL program.

As mentioned in previous posts this valuable service protects landowners by ensuring that their timber harvesting aligns with the landowners goals, program requirements, and sound forestry practices.

Read WWOA’s letter to Governor Walker