Jim and Jackie Wagener

Perhaps you met WWOA members Jim and Jackie Wagener of Central Sands & Wolf River Ch 9.29.12 041Madison, while they volunteered at the WWOA Gift Shop during our 2012 Annual Meeting in Middleton. When asked about his woodland passions, Jim Wagener says “Since we purchased our woodlands in 2005, my wife, Jackie, and I have been committed to rescuing the property from being taken over by the invasion of black locust. We have attacked, cleared and fought back the invasive species on about eight acres. It is now a joy to see the oaks and pines emerge.

The Wagener’s passion for their land is obvious when you hear them describe the numerous weekends of cutting and treating black locust on their land. Their hard work and persistence has produced native seedlings where only black locust grew before.

“The greatest gift our WWOA membership provides for us is information. The combination of exposure to forestry experts and the ability to learn from our fellow WWOA members has been invaluable to us,” the Wageners said.