Invasive Plant Bounty offered by IPAW

Invasive Plant Bounty – Guidelines

Prohibited invasive plants, as legally listed in NR 40, the states invasive species rule, are those species either not yet known in the state, or known only in a few small locations. Preventing these species from getting established and spreading is a primary goal of NR 40. When reported, DNR works with the landowner, land manager or local volunteers to get the plants contained and, where possible, eradicated. To encourage people to report sightings of Prohibited plants, IPAW created an Invasive Plant Bounty. Here are the guidelines:

Program Specifics – In order to be eligible, follow the Reporting Requirements listed below:

  • Only legally prohibited terrestrial, wetland, and aquatic plants reported for a county where they were previously unknown, are eligible. These plants are listed as prohibited according to WI DNR NR 40.
  • Planted specimens are not eligible for the bounty, although they definitely should be reported.
  • For each confirmed report with photographs, but without a voucher specimen, you will earn $25.
  • For each confirmed report with a voucher specimen, you will earn $50.
  • An individual may earn more than one award for reports of different species or locations in different counties.

Reporting Requirements

Please send your report to us in one of the following ways:

  • Email:  OR
  • Mail voucher specimens to:  Kelly Kearns, Invasive Plant Coordinator
    NHC/6, WI DNR
    101 South Webster Street
    Madison, WI 53707
    (608) 267-5066

Personal Information to be Included on the Report:

    • The report should include your contact information: name, email address, phone number, and mailing address.

Specimen Information to be Included on the Report:

  • The report should include: when it was discovered, the exact location, the landowner contact if possible, size of population, flower/seeding status, photos sufficient for positive identification, and a plant specimen (if feasible).

Note: In order to earn the higher reward of $50, the report must be vouchered with a pressed or fresh specimen, sent to Kelly Kearns. Fresh specimens should be sent only after calling to alert her that they are being sent.

IPAW members will also receive a free two-year membership and non-members will receive a one-year membership.

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