Grow Your Legacy!

Get Your NEXT GENERATION woodland owners to help create a woodland LEGACY!

What WWOA does to help you succeed in Growing your legacy: 

You can check out how our members share their land with their families, their ideas are FREE for the taking. If you are unsure of how to start, you can hear how 3 families are creating their legacies by watching our FREE 3 minute videos. To hear the stories from other families creating their legacy, click here. 

You can also learn different ideas and hints of how to start your legacy with your family by getting them interested in your Woodland, here.

Managing your land-
If you are a new land owner, or an current one and would like to learn more about your woods, sign up to see if you qualify for a walk-through with a Forester for FREE. You can also request more information on becoming a WWOA member and our My Land Handbook here.

Passing on your land-
We know that your Woodland is precious to you. Make sure that your legacy and management efforts will be carried on, even if it is not by you. For more information and resources, click here.



You can also find further information on how to care for your woods, programs that offer cost-sharing dollars, or how climate change might impact your land.   See our FREE resource listing.
Learn more about our Growing Your Legacy project HERE.