April is the time to Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy Earth Day and Arbor Day! Celebrate by trying one of these activities!

  • Plant a tree (or a few hundred, or thousand…whatever you’ve decided)
  • Go birdwatching
  • Build a bird or bat house
  • Plant a garden for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife
  • Take a walk in your woodlands
  • Draw a map of your woodlands and name some features/trails
  • Pick up trash from the side of the road or from your woodlands
  • Create some nature-inspired art! Paint, write, photograph, sketch; choose your favorite medium to be artsy
  • Clean out your house/shed, and don’t forget to reuse and recycle
  • Read a book. Pick up an old classic (A Sand County Almanac, The Lorax, Silent Spring, Into the Wild) or branch out with something new!

Visit our Growing Your Legacy page for even more ideas on how you can get out and celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day with the whole family!