How to Control Stream Bank Erosion

In this article we will discuss about the twelve methods used for controlling stream bank erosion. The methods are: 1. Stream Bank Stabilization—Gabion Method 2. Vegetated Geo-Grid Method 3. Iowa Vanes 4. Vegetative Riprap 5. Stone Riprap 6. Pilings with Wire or Geotextile Fencings 7. Dormant Post Plantings 8. Coconut Fiber Rolls Method 9. Branch Packing Method 10. Live Fascine Method and Few Others. (Read more…)

Ash Log Harvesting

USDA Biological Control Facility Seeks Ash Trees for Parasitoid Production. Landowners Support Program to Combat the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Countless landowners have donated their ash trees to support the parasitoid production facility in Brighton Michigan, what about you? (Ash log harvesting document.)

Tree seedlings have a good reason to shirk their parents

In the study of forests, a central mystery has long stood unsolved: The seed that falls far from the tree does a whole lot better in life than the seed that stays close. Though scientists have never fully understood the reasons behind this pattern, they believe that something about the soil of an adult tree makes it unfriendly to seeds of the same species. (read more...)

Forest Legacy Program

The Forest Legacy Program is a federal land acquisition program that provides grants funds to States to protect environmentally important forest land from conversion to non-forest uses. Wisconsin’s implementation strategy focuses on keeping forests as forests by protecting large (> 1,000 acres) unfragmented blocks of forest land that provide the highest conservation value and public benefit through the purchase of conservation easements. Conservation easements convey a ‘purchased’ set of negotiated property rights, while allowing landowners to continue to own and manage their land, including the right to sell.

Landowners interested in participating in the program must submit a completed application. To request an application and more information about the program, email Ron Gropp or call 715-281-6253, or visit our website. The application deadline is Friday June 14, 2019. Only lands within one of the State’s Forest Legacy Areas are eligible.

Orbridge to donate money to plant trees

Orbridge LLC will donate $45,000 to be used to plant 1000,000 tree seedlings on WI state forests and other DNR owned lands. Click here for more information.

WisDOT monitors field conditions to verify frost depths

Interested in seeing how WisDOT monitors field conditions to verify frost depths, see the following video:



White Pine Lumber Grading Course Offered

The Northcentral Technical College Wood Technology Program is hosting a white pine lumber grading workshop in partnership with the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturer Association (NELMA), and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This workshop will provide an in-depth review of softwood lumber grading, specifically for Eastern White Pine. In a mix of classroom and hands-on activities, participants will gain valuable skills and experience in grading lumber.

This workshop will be held on February 21-22, 2019 at the NTC Wood Technology Center of Excellence in Antigo, WI. If you are interested in attending this course, please visit NTC’s Conferences and Seminars webpage for additional information and the registration form.

Mapping Tool to connect wood buyers with sellers

Wisconsin’s primary forest products industry consists of firms that manufacture logs and pulpwood into wood and paper products. Specific examples include sawmills, plywood mills, veneer plants, pulp mills and firewood processors, as well as companies that manufacture products such as composite panels, log cabins and treated wood.

A  mapping tool  was developed to connect buyers of wood and paper products with Wisconsin’s primary mills and to assist forest managers and loggers with identifying markets for harvested timber. To interact with the mapping tool, click here.

Sauk Prairie Bald Eagle Watching Days Jan. 18-19

MADISON – Bald eagle lovers can watch up to three rehabilitated eagles released to the wild, see other eagles perching or soaring above the Wisconsin River, and view eagles up close indoors during live raptor shows as the 33rd annual Bald Eagle Watching Days lands Jan. 18-19 in Sauk Prairie. (read more…)

New Farm Bill: What’s in it for Forestry?

President Trump recently signed the new Farm Bill which lasts through 2023 and reauthorizes $400 billion in agricultural subsidies, food stamps, conservation programs and key safety programs for agricultural producers.  While the bill deals primarily with food and farm issues, there are a several significant that directly influence forest owners. (read more…)