Wisconsin-Grown Tree and Shrub Seedlings Still Available for Spring 2018 Planting

MADISON– The Spring 2018 Reforestation Program seedling sales are still in full swing. While the weather hampered some of the harvesting efforts, it has been busy at the Wilson State Nursery in Boscobel- lifting, grading, and preparing seedlings for distribution to the landowners and managers of the state’s forestlands. 

Hardwood tree species still available from the state nurseries include red oak, swamp white oak, white oak, bur oak, black cherry, and black walnut. Wildlife shrubs available include choke cherry, hazelnut, ninebark, juneberry, and American plum. In addition, a few more species may become available in the coming weeks. 

Landowners can purchase these seedlings for reforestation, wildlife habitat, and windbreak and erosion control purposes. Seedlings and shrubs are distributed in April and early May.

To read more ordering specifics and how to order click here, or to see responses to the most common question about ordering trees and shrubs visit the DNR’s “Frequently Asked Questions” page. 


Griffith State Nursery | Wisconsin Rapids | 715-424-3700

Wilson State Nursery | Boscobel | 608-375-4123