New Finds of EAB in Quarantined Counties

Eleven new communities in previously quarantined counties have been added to list of confirmed Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) since the last Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) update:

  • Adams County — Town of Preston
  • Crawford County — Town of Marietta
  • Dane County — Village of Maple Bluff
  • Dodge County — Town of Portland
  • Grant County — City of Fennimore
  • Jefferson County — City of Waterloo
  • Juneau County — Town of Armenia
  • Marquette County — Town of Moundville
  • Sauk County — Town of Spring Green, Village of Spring Green
  • Waushara County — City of Wautoma

The complete list and an interactive map are available at New locations are expected to continued to be found within the quarantined counties.

Reminder that human activity has caused scattered infestations in some quarantined counties, not natural spread of the insect. So, it’s still important for people not to move firewood out of infested areas, even within their own quarantined counties. That precaution can delay introduction to new areas of quarantined counties for years.