Fire Danger

ATTN: As the snow begins to melt, the fire danger is high. Keep up to date on your area’s fire danger and burning restrictions.

Stay up to date on the fire danger in your area by checking the WDNR Fire Danger and Restrictions Map.

Do your part to prevent wildfires and stay up to date on the fire danger in your area. 98% of wildfires are caused by humans burning carelessly outdoors, and burning debris is the number one cause of wildfires in Wisconsin. Make sure you are safe and responsible when burning outdoors.

Wildfires can happen to anyone burning carelessly and weather conditions are the most important factor influencing wildfires and fire danger. There are an average of 4,000 wildfires in Wisconsin per year, with the majority occurring in spring. Spring’s warmer temperatures, wind, low humidity, and dry conditions work together to determine the fire danger. You can see reported fires in the state in real time by visiting the WDNR Fire Activity Map.

It is also important to keep in mind that anyone responsible for setting a wildfire intentionally or accidentally is responsible for all suppression costs and damages. The average wildfire costs about $1,000 to put out.  Get to know the burn restrictions in your area, and be sure to get your burn permit. Remember, it is your responsibility to know where you are burning and what restrictions apply based on what you are doing and the time of year.